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Earthing (Grounding) and Why We Need to Connect with God’s Earth’s Energy

Being an empath, I have always known about how important the benefits of earthing are. But this is not just for empaths. Anyone can benefit from this. It's so very important for balancing out your spiritual and physical energy. It connects us to the earth's healing energy (currents). To electrically reconnect to the earth. Energy goes from the earth into the body. Most people, when they think of this, think of hippies running around barefoot with flowers in their hair, relaxed and content. Maybe there's something to that. Hippies were really aware of the flow of the earth and all that it can give.

Earthing is the physical sense of being here in the moment. To be steady and focused and centered. Especially in today's world. We are unsure of what the future will bring. This creates stress and anxiety. Doing this will help us rest and renew. More than ever, we need to have balance and peace. We need to stay focused and centered.

There is much research to show that it can do the following:

  • Lower stress levels

  • Improve cortisol rhythm

  • Reduce pain

  • Help the immune response

  • Improve blood flow

  • Help to give a restful sleep

  • Help heart health

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Bring on overall peace and tranquility.

Overall, it has a positive impact on the body. We can all use a bit of that right now, right?

So, how do we do it?

Put your feet into the earth

Ever go to the beach and feel your feet in the sand? It's soft and relaxing, right? You can also do this on grass or dirt. Anywhere that has natural ground. As long as you have bare feet, God's energy will flow through you. Embrace God's beautiful landscape. Rivers or lakes. Feel the wind on your face and the water on your toes. Enjoy what God has to offer.

Lay on the ground

Remember being a kid and looking up at the stars? Remember how content you felt? It's time for you to connect to the way you felt as a child. Be one with the earth.

In the shower

When I can't get out to ground, I ground in the shower (which is still grounding because of the grounded pipes). Let God's water flow through your body. I like to pray while I relax and enjoy the flow of healing energy. Ask God to bless your body and your soul with his healing water. Imagine negative thoughts, sadness, anger, regret, fear, and depression washing down your body and into the drain. This will make you feel an abundance of peace and tranquility and give you a clear mind.

Get outside

One of the simplest things, which is my favorite, is to just be on His earth. I will sit in the grass and look around at His trees and His flowers. Really connect and take in everything God has given. Meditate on His spirit and take in all that wonderful vitamin D.

Not only has our Lord given us food to nourish and heal our bodies, He has given us a connection to His healing earth to restore and replenish.

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