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Have Yourself a Merry Little Nontoxic Christmas

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Christmas brings on a feeling of joy and happiness. Shopping for presents. Decorating. Delicious food. And entertaining. We look forward to it every year. But did you know that you could be potentially poisoning your family and friends.

As the holiday approaches, you will see a lot of cheap products on the market: plastics with PVC and phthalates (that can mess with hormones); heavy metals such as lead and cadmium; and a vast array of items that are treated with flame retardants. It can really wreak havoc on the body.

Many are not aware of the dangers, and also do not know that many of these things are not even regulated. It's up to us to protect our own and make informative decisions for our own families.

So how do you enjoy the holiday without worry? I've got you covered!

Remember, everything we cook with and prepare with ends up on our food and in our bodies.

The Holiday Kitchen

Storing and Preparing

Glass Pyrex and Anchor Hocking make wonderful storage containers that clean up easy. They are also perfect to keep your cookies in, as they keep them from going stale so that they are nice and fresh for your displays. I also use this for all my leftovers. They also make mixing bowls for food preparation.

Parchment Paper

Want some chemicals with that cookie? Yuck! Parchment paper that is unbleached with no chemicals is best. It works great and helps baking items to not stick.

Cookie Sheets and Baking Pans

You can use glass rectangular pans for your baking, but stainless steel is my very favorite. It cooks nice and even. Both are great nontoxic options. It really just depends on your preference.

* Please do not use aluminum pans. Heated aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer's.

Mixing Tools

Silicone may contain cadmium, so be careful when selecting your utensils. I love wood tools. The Core Kitchen brand is my favorite for products with silicone. Made with organic bamboo, this is an excellent choice.

Rolling Pins

There's nothing like an old-fashioned wood rolling pin. I wouldn't be without mine!

Cookie Cutters

The best choice is stainless steel with no solder. I keep my collection on the counter in a pretty glass jar.

When I think of all the manufactured cheap junk everyone makes and sells during Christmas, I cringe.

Holiday Decorations

Artificial Trees, Garlands, and Wreaths

Mostly manufactured from 2 items: PVC (petroleum-based) and lead (to stabilize PVC); the lead breaks down into dust, which is then released into the air. This is especially problematic for children under the age of 6, but is a risk for everyone in poisoning our bodies. Solution: a real tree, garland, and wreath. Their smell reminds me of growing up, eager anticipation, and happiness. It's truly Christmas!

Wrapping Paper

I adore brown paper. When my boys were little, we used to take Christmas sponges, dip them in paint, and make sweet-looking wrapping paper. A pretty bow and a special homemade tag makes the look complete.

Make Your Own Ornaments

When I was little, my Mom and I would make gingerbread men and put them on the tree. You can also use organic candy canes and pretty handmade country ornaments. It's a great way to get back to a more simple way of celebrating. Plus, you will have beautiful family memories to cherish. Have the children make ornaments themselves from paper; tree garland can be made from rags, popcorn, or fresh cranberries. Dried fruit and delicate fabric bows without wire look oh-so very pretty. Gather pine cones, twigs, (safe) dried berries, and whole spices; these make gorgeous displays and decorations in bowls around the house. Add some holiday essential oils for an added fragrance to give the feeling of an old-fashioned Christmas. Salt dough ornaments are good too, but please remember that these are highly toxic to our pets, and animals in general, if eaten. If you choose to display them in a house with pets, please keep them out of reach.

Have fun making memories. Laugh. Love. And may all your holidays be merry and bright. And may all you Christmases be nontoxic!

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